The Symptoms And Ways To Treat The Cat Ear Infection

How to prevent and treat the cat ear infection? Ear is one of the important parts of the animal body in general and of cats in particular. With active animals like cats, unavoidable ear infection. We are here with the veterinarians to find out the article below.

Symptoms of cat ear infection

The Symptoms And Ways To Treat The Cat Ear Infection

If you find that your cat is suffering from the symptoms below, then do not hesitate to take the cat to check it. Because of the high possibility of cat ear infection.

  • Constant scratching, claw at the ear.
  • Sensitive to touch the ear.
  • Head tilted one side, or shake head several times.
  • Unsteadiness in walking, loss of balance.
  • Ear and ear cores are red.
  • The ears have an unpleasant odor.
  • Ear pus black or yellow.
  • Black ear wax.
  • Poor hearing.
  • Ear bleeding.

The dysfunction leading to cat ear infection

Lice ears

This parasite is highly contagious from one host to another. Cats with parasitic lice ear will scratch many areas of the ear, and in the ears there are many brown debris.

Ear infection

Usually caused by bacteria, fungi or foreign objects in the ear. When the cat ear infection, should be treated immediately because of an ear infection can cause pet cat extremely uncomfortable, it also signals allergies, the vagaries of hormones or genetic diseases.

Blood tumor

The result of the buildup of blood in the ear lobes, caused by agents such as infections, ear lice, fleas or skin scales trapped in the ear.

Ear fungus

The ear is inflamed itching, forming many dirty earwax, itching cat scratching the ear causing inflammation, hair loss in the ears.

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How to prevent cat ear infection

  • Do not use any products for cat ears without permission or instructions from the veterinarian.
  • Avoid small water in the ear (especially when bathing the cat).
  • Ask your veterinarian advice as soon as you detect any pet cat experiencing ear problems or symptoms of ear disease.
  • Do not put cotton inside the ears of cats.
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