Top 10 Best Cat Chew Toy Reviews & Guide In 2021

Top 10 Best Cat Chew Toy Reviews & Guide

Is your cat chomping on everything around the house? Choose the an good cat chew toy for your kitten as a gift. Because, bad cat behaviors have long been the source of frustration for cat owners, and when your beloved felines chew things they’re not supposed to, it ranks at the top of that frustrating list. If your cat is a chewer, you could be looking at spending thousands of dollars on vet bills, not to mention repairing or replacing household items ruined by your cat’s teeth. So, a cat toy made specifically for chewing might help.

Some of the kitty chew toys contain catnip to lure kittens, and they also work to improve a cat’s dental health. These durable toys offer stimulation and exercise, while also distracting your cat from the off-limit items around your home.

But with so many different products, you might be wondering which is the best for your cat. To help, we researched hundreds of options to find the top ten reviews of cat toys for chewing available right now.

Top 10 Product Of Cat Chew Toy

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1. YEOWWW! DuckyWorld Cat Chew Toy BANANA

By Yeowww! Brand
DuckyWorld 100% ORGANIC CATNIP Leaf & Flower Cat Toy BANANA
Price: $.00 USD

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Yeowww CATNIP cat chew toy Banana is one of the highest rated cat toys available. It’s made of durable cotton fabric and stuffed with 100% organic catnip. Better yet, the toy is completely safe to chew, as it’s made with only natural ingredients and vegetable based dyes.

While not marketed as a chew toy, this catnip banana has a soft texture and shape that’s great for chewing, biting, licking, kicking, and batting. The banana size is big enough for your cat not to lose it and is comfortable for hugging, squeezing and biting. As a pet owner you will like this toy too. The bright color is perfectly seen even if your cat throws the banana under a couch or somewhere else.

So owners of cat crazy about catnip, pay your careful attention to this product! It is definitely a must-have for your meowing family members. According to the reviews left online I can say that the strength of the material used is really great. Even biting the banana your cat will not tear or damage the product. However, there is still a little chance that something may go wrong. As far as we could understand, these are the only drawbacks of the banana toy, so the first position in my buying guide will be given to this toy.

It’s received thousands of positive reviews and is one of the most-loved toys you can buy. If your cat likes catnip, he’ll probably dig the Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana.

2. Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Chew Toy

By Petstages Store
Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys
Price: $.00 USD

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Petstages Catnip cat chew toy is a great solution for keeping your furry child’s oral health under control. Light weight and soft design make it easier for a cat to hold and play with the toy. The net covering the stick is stiff enough to reduce bacterial plague, while good smelling mint makes your pet’s breath perfectly fresh. Mint, just like catnip, is also liked by most cats.

The toy does not include any artificial fillers and is 100% safe for your furry friend. Do not worry that the stick will be damaged – the reviewers say it is durable. But pay attention to the product’s manufacturing date. Do not buy stick that are already several months old – the mint smell may be not that strong, unfortunately.

Cats love to hunt and play with mouse. However, cats living in an apartment don’t have this opportunity. This is why the catnip chew mice is one of the best choices for your furry apartment companion as they can “hunt” the mice. You can even throw it around to play with your cat when you want to spend some quality time together.

3. Kitty KONG Pet Toy For Chewing

By KONG Brand
Kitty KONG Cat Chew Toy
Price: $.00 USD

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KONG company as the popular pet toy, is our top choice for extra strong chewers. This bouncy ball is made from a tough, squeezable material that’s able to withstand a long chew session. It can also be filled with your cat’s favorite goodies, leading them to toss, play, and wrestle with it for long periods of time.

Kitty KONG cat chew toy made from a strong, rubber-like material. It is option for strong chewers. Hollow design that’s perfect for adding catnip, dry kibble, or treats designed to work double duty as a toy and a treat dispenser, engaging your cat’s desire to hunt for his food. Unfortunately, the toy’s cavity is large and doesn’t retain traditional treats well.

Though about half of reviewers were disappointed by the toy, 40% or so loved it.

4. Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel Cat Toy

By Petstages Store
Kitty Chew Wheel Cat Toy
Price: $.00 USD

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An best cat chew toy from Petstages Dental Wheel is another highly-rated dental chew toy, complete with grooves and edges that remove tartar on teeth. It’s made from soft, sturdy rubber with tassels on each end for added fun.

This toy looks like the type of teething toy you might give a human baby, it features a rubber ring with gum-massaging spokes and two fabric streamers for interest. Though most customers say their cats liked the toy, a few said that the fabric streamers came off during heavy play or chewing. Some cats may chew off the fabric and swallow it. Key features: Cat chew wheel with added ribbons for fun.

Spokes on wheel help remove tartar while chewing. It has wheel is 2 inches wide; full length with ribbons is 5.5 inches. Pros made of 100% non-toxic materials. Bouncy rubber helps strengthen jaw muscles. Cons are though made of rubber, it’s not fully indestructible. Monitor your cat during a play session, pricier than other chew toys.

5. WoLover Natural Matatabi Kitten Chew Toy

By WoLover Brand
WoLover Cat Catnip Sticks Natural Matatabi Silvervine Sticks
Price: $.00 USD

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There are an all-natural wood alternative to cat chew toy. These sticks are made of the Matatabi Silvervine, a plant that acts like catnip, providing stimulation for your feline. The exterior bark on each stick also naturally scrapes off plaque and tartar during chewing.

Our furry babies are always ready to turn everything into a game and fun. And these silvervine sticks are great to be played with. The manufacturer says the sticks are made of 100% organic silvervine. And it is a great thing for the reason that you will not find any artificial additives or other dangerous fillers or flavors. Thus, the product is absolutely safe for cats and has dental care properties. The sticks help get rid of dental plaque, as well as make your kitty’s breath fresher.

The manufacturer also promises that 80% adult cats and kittens will like the sticks. And this is the only thing that some of the reviewers cannot agree with. According to their comments, some of their cats do not show any interest towards these stick toys. For our, this aspect is rather individual. But taking into account the sticks’ affordable price you can buy a pack just to understand whether your kitty is a fan of such things or not. The most appealing thing, in we opinion, is that the product is 100% natural.

6. Fashion’s Talk Cat Chew Toy Pack for Kitty 20 Pieces

By Fashion’s Talk Brand
Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack
Price: $$.00 USD

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Fashion’s Talk Cat Chew Toy brand is really a great deal for cat owners. Purchasing this product you get 20 original items for just a little over $12! Your cat will be totally amazed to play with twenty different toys. Be practical and hide some of them while giving just a few at first.

Key features: It is plenty of toys to keep your cat busy. It helps fulfill the urge to chew. Excellent value. However, several of them are really good for biting, chewing and scratching. The set is permanently in Amazon’s top list as a true hit for cats and kittens of all ages. But pay attention to any damages. The toy needs to be immediately removed if there are damages on it. Several toys in the set have balls inside with catnip filler in it. The variety of textures and shapes is a definite advantage of this product.

However, there are a few negative things about the set. First, the set is packed randomly, so you will never know what toys will be in your order. Second, the set’s low price means that materials are not of the highest quality, though pretty decent for safe use. However, the product is a hit and has over 4,000 rankings at

7. HDP Petstages Nighttime Catnip Rolls Cat Chew Toy

By Petstages Store
HDP Petstages Nighttime Catnip Rolls Cat Toy
Price: $.00 USD

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Does your cat play toys at night? Petstages has come up with an idea of this best cat chew toy in nighttime. The design of the rolls may seem quite boring at first sight. But the point is in the toy’s material, smell and texture. The rolls are soft and do not bounce like balls and other noisy toys. They are filled with catnip and are definitely loved by many meowing pets.

With no extra fillers they are attractive enough for kitties, though. Your furry one can bite the roll and feel its texture massaging the cat’s gums. The size is perfect even for cats, the toy is lightweight and can be carried by small pets. And we bet many of you are just fed up with these noises that you have to hear every night. Kittens are extremely playful, as we all know.

The toy has got rather high ratings at, but some critical reviews do exist. As far as I could understand, all of them are about rather sharp edges of the rolls. As it is a point of concern and main disadvantage, of course. Make sure it does not injure your pet, and the main reason for including the toy into my product list was because it is a special night toy.

8. Petstages Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm Cat Toy

By Petstages Store
Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm Cat Toy
Price: $.00 USD

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Orkakat Catnip Wiggle Worm Cat Toy from Petstages brand is infused with catnip to attract your cat and keep her interested, and the textures on the worms will clean her teeth as she chews it.

This cat chew toy has a floppy, enticing shape and is infused with catnip to encourage play. Massaging nodules help to support oral health while your cat chews. Its size makes it ideal for cats who love to chew and bat around smaller objects. Key features: It halps energizes your cat’s senses, infused with catnip, shape is fun for cat to play with. This rubber worm-shaped toy is one of the most popular chew toys on the market.

9. Coolfm Catnip Toys Set Simulation Fish Shape For Cat/Kitty/Kitten

By Coolfm Brand
Coolfm Catnip Toys Set Simulation Fish Shape
Price: $.00 USD

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Coolfm Simulation Fish Catnip Toys Set has three-pack of fish-shaped toys is perfect for your cat to chew on. What’s more, they’re laced with catnip to stimulate play and make kitty happy.

This set of cat chew toy has got an original design. It resembles a set of decorative cushions, but in a smaller size. Actually, some reviews from cat owners who bought the set at include pictures of cats sleeping and hugging these soft fish. According to a high rank of this product a lot of cats absolutely adore the fish. The size of the toys is rather big, and some cat owners consider this the first disadvantage of them.

However, 7.8-inch fish are a perfect length to others. Keep in mind the size while placing your online order and not seeing the toys. The fish really look like real ones, and it is so funny to see how your home kitty is playing with FISH actually! The manufacturer says that the fish have catnip inside. However, some of the reviewers paid attention to the fact that only sets of certain sizes are filled with catnip. So read the reviews before purchasing in order not to be upset later. Some sizes also have a zipper, but smaller toys do not.

The set of three different fish will become a great gift for your furry friend if he loves such soft toys. Your cat can hug and bite the fish, the material is pretty durable. However, always pay attention to whether the stitches aren’t too loose and the filler doesn’t go out, it is not edible!

10. HETOO Cat Catnip Toys, Interactive Cat Chew Toy for Kitten Kitty

By HETOO Brand
HETOO Cat Catnip Toys,Interactive Cat Toothbrush Chew Toy for Kitten Kitty
Price: $.00 USD

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HETOO Cat Catnip Toys is something your kitten or adult cat will love. This cat chew toy is made from natural rubber. It can always wash toys and give back to cats. The manufacturer says that the transparent material is non-toxic. It seems that cats will become real fans of this crayfish because of its versatile and resistant properties – ideal for biting!

For cat owners, cleaning a toy will be easier as it is made of rubber. Crayfish interact. You will see bags with catnip in kit. The bag is not durable enough. But the manufacturer doesn’t see any downside in saying that you can always take a torn catnip bag out of a toy and put some other stuff inside. Additionally, there is an option to set a bell and make the toy even more fun for your toy.

This material is durable and perfect for dental care for cats. It cleans teeth and removes bad breath. Of course, Catnip is also a great thing. It removes stress, making the cat more comfortable. However, it is still possible that cats are indifferent to catnip. If your pet belongs to the 5% group of cats who don’t care much about catnip, simply remove the catnip bag and set the bell from the set inside. This option definitely makes the toy useful in all cases and you won’t have to throw it away just because the smell doesn’t appeal to your cat.

By the way, the catnip bags are refillable. The only real downside to this HETOO toy is in its traditional size. To some pet owners this toy may seem too large, while others say nothing about size.

Buy’ Guide

Does Cat Need a Chew Toy?

To understand whether your cat needs some kind of a toy for chewing you should analyze your pet’s behavior. Veterinarians call this chewing habit “pica.” It refers to a rather strange condition, which is actually not so normal for cats. If you see that your furry friend takes inedible stuff for chewing, it means that he’s got pica.

However, some cats have a chewing habit just because of their origin. For example, it is quite predictable and not surprising for Siamese cats to chew things. But you should be attentive and carefully watch your pet’s behavior. Sometimes a chewing habit means problems with teeth or stomach. In this case once you notice a new habit of your pet, you should consult your vet as soon as possible, cat chew toy are a good addition to the toothpaste when it comes to fighting feline gingivitis.

If your little feline is just about 4-7 months old, then chewing is his ordinary behavior. And it can be explained by the special period in a cat’s life – teething. But once this cat’s life period is over, there is actually no need for a feline to chew anything.

So, what can you do seeing that your cat is a chewing dude? But before answering this question let me tell you that the majority of home cats do not really need any special stuff for chewing. On the contrary, to provide secure life to your cat with chewing habits, you should understand that there must be an alternative for your plants, furniture, electric wires, etc. This alternative is a great variety of chew toys available at the market today. You can also buy chewing treats for your adventurous furry one, but I won’t talk about them in this guide.

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All these cat chew toy have some positive effects. They help little kittens overcoming their teething period. However, do not think that buying a chew toy is enough and your cat will have healthy and strong teeth. Maybe some cats will, but you should visit your veterinarian as often as you did it earlier. No chew toy will replace dental care, remember it!

Features to Consider To Choose Buy A Good Cat Chew Toy

A cat chew toy should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a chew toy for your cat:

  • Durability. A cat chew toy has to be tough enough to take a pounding from your kitty’s teeth. Look for chew toys made from durable materials with strong stitching or hidden seams.
  • Design. Your cat won’t mind much whether his new chew toy looks utilitarian or so cute you could die, but you might!
  • Cat-friendly features. Look for features that will encourage your cat to play or keep her interested longer, such as rattles, crinkle paper, or having catnip inside.
  • Dental health properties. Some cat chew toys are specifically designed to remove as much tartar as possible, which is good news if kitty’s teeth need sprucing up.
  • Other play possibilities. Is your chosen toy only good for chewing, your cat pounce on it, wrestle it, and kick it while he tussles with it? Feline chew toys with other play possibilities are likely to get more use.

Health Issues

The vast majority of chewing is a result of boredom or a cat’s predatory instincts. However, there are times when an underlying health issue may be to blame:

Anxiety and stress: IF your cat suddenly starts chewing, or their habits become compulsive, it could be due to anxiety. If toys don’t fix the problem, check with your veterinarian; some anxiety medications are effective at curbing this compulsive desire to chew.

Oral health: Periodontal disease (gum disease). Check their teeth and gums for redness or irritation and consult your veterinarian if you see any issues.

Pica Syndrome is the urge to eat inedible materials. It can stem from cats not getting the appropriate nutrition they require, leading them to eat dangerous things around the house. It’s also a potential side effect of extreme stress and anxiety in cats.

How to Prevent Excessive Chewing

Thankfully, there are a number of methods to stop your cat from chewing around the house.

Cat Proofing Your Home

Tidying up around the house can be enough to deter chewing. If your cat has their eye on cords, try putting rugs or furniture over them, or use cord covers that form a hard plastic barrier over each wire. Cats also aren’t keen on sticky surfaces, so another easy fix is to wrap cords in double-sided tape!


If your cat has a favorite item to chew, try using a (cat-safe) bitter tasting spray to deter them. Dish/body soap, citrus oil, or hot sauce can also be used. When trying any of these methods, it’s important to do so in moderation, and only with sprays that are safe to ingest! Pro tip: cats like the taste of salty things, so avoid deterrents high in salt content.

Chew Toys

These are why you’re here! Cat chew toy are a great way to distract your cat from other objects in the home. They come in many varieties, from sticks, plush toys, to dental chews.

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As you see, cat chew toy are a great thing not only for cats and teething kittens, but also for their owners. Choose safe and interactive products for your furry friend, he will be totally engaged in play and entertained while you are away. And special features and materials will take care of your cat’s dental health.

Testing out these best cat chew toys with your cats, it will extremely fun, and we got to learn more about what they enjoy and what they couldn’t care less about in the process. This the ten product reviews of best cat chew toy by Top Kitty Care for based on expert’s advice are a great to choose is your little helper in making the right shopping choice.


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