Prevent Cat Scratching Furniture With Cat Toys

If things in the family is gradually losing the aesthetic by scratches obnoxious of house cat you should not be angry with them, because scratching the furniture are the causes and how to minimize it happening. Let us learn simple and effective methods to minimize cat scratching furniture in your home.

Causes of cat scratching furniture

Cats have a habit of regularly scratching furniture as a form of muscle training from the claws on the legs, shoulders and spine. Additionally, cats do this to be sharp claws and clean coating.

Cats also scratch to assert territorial rights, but humans can not smell, but dogs, cats and other animals will be easily distinguishable.

Nails scratching phenomenon usually appears in a new cat big stage, at this age they are very active, like scratching and climbing objects.

Ways to prevent cat scratching furniture

Use cat toys to solve problems, but you also need to spend time learning how to use them.

Toys for cats with various designs and different user needs. Some types of turntables or balls. Kind made from hemp. You can choose from a variety of styles and place around the house or choose a moveable type like a ball or fishing rod to keep the cat from getting boring.

Select the appropriate location to place toys for cats most logical

Place the scratching tree in a reasonable position, you have to consider which parts of cat furniture that had been scratched and location of objects in the house. Ensures nails scraping tool is next to any household items that cats like to scratch and it became prominent in the room.

Based on the cat scratches on objects in the house, you will know where the cat scratches regularly. From there, place the nail rakes next to them and make them stand out. If you have a large area and lots of furniture, then you should buy different toys at the place.

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For example, your cat likes to rake on a chair, put a toy next to it and hang the used clothing of the person closest to the cat. Instinctively of cats, we will mark sovereignty by scratching toys nearby. Relationship intimacy between scraping tools and people love cats make them enjoy and changing habits.

Cat training uses cat toys

To get acquainted with cats nails scraping tools by putting them in front of toys and let them get acquainted with toys. In addition, to be able to attract the “boys” “her” more than this, you can spray a little menthol mint on it.

Encourage cats to play new games by applauding them. Cats are animals do not like being forced and love freedom. So do not be hasty in the period to teach them how to play with toys.

You can also “perform” for we see the use of the cat tree or scratching post by using his fingers scraping the up there to see and imitate cats.

Another way to set the cat has a habit of scratching tree is considered very effective. When arriving home, use nails scratching on trees and just stopped and stroked the baby babble cat like a baby obedient to cat can imitate follow let them feel it funny how.

When the cat scratches nail is wrong, take action to remind

The thing to do is to use the action to understand the cat you disagree with it. In case you do not want to scream your pet, you can shake a bunch of keys, cans / coins or clap your hands. Then pick up the cats and place them at the top of the rake so that they are familiar with where the rake is in the right place.

Use water to prevent cat behavior. If you have a water spray, shoot water on the cat as he approaches the furniture and starts scratching. Cats are very afraid of water so apply this method is very effective but do not spray too much or too strong, they will scare away and do not dare to come near you again.

You can use very low amount of orange oil in water to spray them, most cats do not like this smell. This measure can both prevent cat destruction of furniture but also help the house has a pleasant scent.

Limit the ability to scratch of the cat

Keep the cat nails trimmed neatly, helping your cat cut short toe nails frequently.

If you do not know how to trim your cat’s nails, ask your veterinarian to keep your cat from pain.

Initially quite difficult because cats are not accustomed to cut toenails and it will be a little bit cranky. You need to applaud and patronize them in the process so they know you are being cared for.

Use plastic nails to wrap the cat’s toenails. “Soft Paws” is a product that can be glued onto a cat’s sole and prevented it from causing damage to surfaces thanks to the plastic coating of the nail. The nail paste is very simple so you can ask the veterinarian or the seller for the first time to do so, and then do it yourself for the next time.

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Some note when prevent cat scratching furniture

  • Place the toys in a safe place so that it is not dangerous when the cat is playing.
  • Do not scold your pet. The cat can not understand it’s punishment and I’m doing wrong, they just see you are angry. Cats will flee to other places and away from you, this will reduce the affection between the owner and cat.

Be patient when teaching cats to play games. If you feel helpless after a long time unsuccessful implementation should see a veterinarian to give you good advice.

Here’s how to prevent cat scratching furniture and notes when done, hoping your cats will get their favorite toys and furniture in the house will ensure he is well dangled and keep aesthetics.

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