Ringworm Treatment For Cats And How To Prevent

Ringworm Treatment For Cats And How To Prevent

Ringworm in cats mainly due to a fungus scientifically known as Microsporum canis causes. Microsporum canis causes cats to infect humans under the microscope.

Symptoms of ringworm in cats

It causes hair loss, broken hairs, especially the face, ears, itchy discomfort, or use nails scratching the ear. The disease progresses slowly, causing inflammation of the skin, superinfection, kidney infection, blood infection and death.

The disease is easily confused with scabies. There are many cases of human infection. In humans, it causes unpleasant itching, skin thin red areas of skin fungi, such as coins or circular ring shape. Especially new foreigners to Vietnam or young children skin is easy to spread this disease from cats.

The disease spreads in the herd cats, especially cats ruffled hair, longhaired, cat cages confine sold at the market … Kittens lay in the dark, wet.

Ringworm treatment for cats

In ornamental cats, the disease is difficult to treat, if transmitted to people, then it is best to remove.

You can ringworm treatment for cats using fungicides as sulfinex cream, or use some of the following fungicides: Antifungal spray, ketoconazole,… in combination with antibiotics to fight infection.

Ringworm prevention in cats

  • Do not buy cats do not know the source, confining many cats sold in the market.
  • No contact with infected cats or suspected fungal infection.
  • Clean, dry cages, carpets, cushions for cats located.
  • Cats are infected with fungus, the cat owner must wear rubber gloves when exposed, not to hold the baby, if there are red itching on the skin should see a doctor immediately.

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