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10 Best Cat Scratching Post Reviews


When you’ve got a large cat that is tearing up your furnishing or curtains, one of the best way you might them to stop is by purchasing them a scratch post. A best cat scratching post will allow your puppy to get the exercise they need and can and sharpen their claws without damaging your furniture.

Choosing the good scratching post for your cat usually means sifting through reviews, figuring out what type of emerge your cat loves to scratch and also deciding precisely scratching post fits best in your home. Whether you’ve got a kitten, a senior cat, a super-scratcher, or a typical manicurist, we found the best options for your property or home.

However, with so many brands and styles available, it is usually challenging to find the best one for your moggie. Weve chosen 10 different brands to review for you so you should be able to learn more about the differences between them. Weve at times included a short buyers guide where we look worries the different types of scratching posts and what kitties will prefer each type.

10 Product Reviews Of Best Cat Scratching Post

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SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

Top Pick
SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post
Price: $$.00 USD

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This best cat scratching post by The SmartCat has 32-inch post is tall enough to allow for even big cats to fully extend their health and stretch their muscles while scratching.

Made from woven sisal, this fibrous and very long material encourages scratching and files nails without snagging them. Sisal is a great choice when deciding on the a scratcher because it is strong and laborious and gives a similar scratching experience to spec bark, which cats love. It also shreds cleanly and wont get sharp and prickly as this particular wears. This post is quite durable and appropriately designed too; expect for it to last for several years.

Youll have to use a small bit out of assembly when it primary arrives, inserting dowels within holes and also affixing the base to the specific scratch post, but none of power tools are involved. The base of scratching post is practically wide thats key, since it helps to keep the post in place, preventing it from slip-sliding across the floor , toppling over when your incredible cat starts to making use of it.

Sofa-Scratcher’ Cat Scratching Post & Couch-Corner

Sofa-Scratcher’ Cat Scratching Post Furniture Protector
Price: $$.00 USD

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If your cat just will not leave the sofa alone, this best cat scratching post by Sofa-Scratcher’ brand will have you covered. The shape about the Sofa-Scratcher Squared means you can simply slide the under the leg of a sofa where it is really at the perfect height to get cats attention. A new cats may discover that the sisal fabric offers a considerably more pleasant clawing experience than Naugahyde or whatever if not your couch is made of.

The corner shape of the post assist it fit firmly in place. The superb slim base of corner protector slips beneath the the sofa legs and anchors them it is in place. It assembles easily with three Phillips supervisor screws.

4 Paws Stuff Tall Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys

Budget Pick
4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys – Cat Scratch Post Cats Kittens
Price: $$.00 USD

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4 Paws Stuff Tall Cat Scratching Post is small scratch post is 22-inches long and ideal for your kitten to assist you to scratch and play on. The scratching post is carried out from natural materials that are safe for your kitten. Set up for this DIY scratching post is very clean and requires just little effort to get it most of assembled. To learn how to repair sisal cat uncovering post, you can check for videos online.

The single post stands nice and stable, thanks for the solid pressed wood base and the whole routine is made from eco materials that are totally pet-safe. If you want a simple and cost-effective way returning to satisfy your kits scratching habit, then check out this guidance tall scratch post from 4 Paws Stuff.

Amazon Basics Scratching Post For Cat Kitten

By the Amazon Basics Store
Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts
Price: $$.00 USD

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As much as cats love to scratch, they love to climb. This three-layer cedar cat scratching post from Amazon Basics brand comes with seven scratch posts on platforms where the cat can rest after playing and scratching. At the top, there is a big comfy bed for a cat to sleep in. We want to note that this is the perfect scratching post for two or more cats because of its layers.

The dual platform gives your pet opportunities to jump and climb. Its scratching posts actually are wrapped in jute, a popular materiel for scratching. Unquestionably the square shaped root adds stability as well as may easily fit appropriate corner.


By the FEANDREA Store
FEANDREA SONGMICS SONGMICS Cat Tree Activity Centres Scratching Post with a Hammock Light Grey
Price: $$$.00 USD

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This is a typical cat condo with FEANDREA SONGMICS Cat Scratching Post brand. So, you can get an all-in-one hamster furniture. This scratch post was designed to be good with the use of heavy-duty natural particle boards. It again also comes with fluffy toys.

The scratching posts are all entwined while having sisal ropes. Made from a fibrous mexican plant sisal is said to be the best material for cats to scratch. The cat tree scratching post weighs 15.9 kilo and has a dimension of 154 a 50 x 84 cm. Available in beige, grey and light grey the Songmics movement centre is an affordable cat tree full with features including hanging balls to swipe at, a hammock for catnaps, a container to hide in and several scratching listings.

The best part about all of this item is the fact, it is considered easy to help you set up, it comes with an allen key and so all the specific bolts a person need and as well as should take between 20-40 minutes to help you assemble reckoning on how decent you could be with an allen main

4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

By the 4CLAWS Store
4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post
Price: $$.00 USD

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Whether your cat seems to have more belongings than shoppers do and youre tired of having them cluttering boost your living spaces, then 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post will come to the rescue with this fabulous wall-mounted scratching post.

The aluminum frame mounts in a straight line onto your wall and supports a cylinder wrapped in sisal rope that is easily changeable when it starts looking careful and shabby. You can support it at whatever height ultimate suits your cat and some sort of 18-inch length allows for a good stretch.

This is one on the most durable and regular cat scratchers on how the market, and its the best way of protecting your actual walls, furniture and carpets from your kittys nails. We love anything that saves on space and this modern and minimal design is just that.

PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher

By the PetnPurr Store
PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratcher – Protect Your Furniture
Price: $$.00 USD

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Suppose your decor incorporates this shade of green; or are usually are looking for the most outrageous gift possible for the purpose of a cat-loving household, do not pass up this PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratching Post made of sisal and moppy plush.

While the 22-inch version of this particular cactus is cute, the 31-inch itching cactus is very best. Cats should love it. They are, after all, desert creatures. Most suitable for the pussie lady who can be a plant girl. Reviewers were also super comfortable about the astonishingly easy three-step fitting.

7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Scratching Post

By the 7 Ruby Road Store
7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post – Floor or Wall Mount Wooden Sisal Cat Scratcher
Price: $$.00 USD

Check out price

7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post is a great option painful declawing which gives your cat a spot returning to unleash their primal instincts and gives them an in order to play so that it deters them from attacking the items of furniture and promotes better health and behavior.

The item is made of natural material; sisal, which has a woody origin. When the itching post becomes unusable, it will not decompose forever harming the environment. This is made with the included mounting hardware which is easily installable. Plastic feet give stability and prevent slipping when invested in different floor types.

This Scratching Post is wonderful decor item to be put on to both the floor and wall membrane. It all depends on your cats preference.

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratching Post

By the PetFusion Store
PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post, 100% Recyclable Cardboard Cat Lounge
Price: $$.00 USD

Check out price

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post is vertical scratcher acts a double duty as a scratcher and play market that promises to keep your cat coming back ever again and again. This will not feel them bored.

This product is made from recycled cardboard, which certain cats prefer to sisal, but will need to wind up being cleaned up off the floor, especially after serious eradicate sessions. This really means versatility for your cat, whenever it can be placed along the sides of all the triangle, or flat on its edges. The PetFusion comes in a regular and large size, making it the actual great option for any size cat! Its an animal product with a stylish design that matches with personal home decor. The modern styling is totally cute pertaining to your decor, as well.

Classy Kitty Cat Carpet Scratching Post

By North American Pet Brand
Classy Kitty Cat Carpet Scratching Post, Assorted Colors
Price: $$.00 USD

Check out price

Provided that youre limited with space in your home but need a decent scratching post for older cat, then Classy Kitty Cat Carpet Scratching Post is the righ choice. This scratching post is 32 centimetres high, this is a good post for full body stretches as well as scratching but theres no added an additional frills to take up too much room.

The made-in-the-USA Classy Kitty Scratching Post is our carpeted best cat scratching post to file nails.

If your cat likes scratching carpet, the Classy Kitten Cat Scratching Post is a relatively cheap method that looks decent and will match any decor. Testers liked that it came fully assembled, but commented about carpet fibers coming loose as their cat scratched much.

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Buyer’s Guide

Suitable here are some things to consider before purchasing your right after best cat scratching post for a your cat.

Why Do Cats Need Scratching Post?

Cat scratching posts are sturdy wooden or corrugated cardboards, wrapped with fabric or rope, for any cat to scratch at will. You need regarding understand that for cats, scratching things is some natural behavior. There are a few strong underlying factors why a cat needs a scratching post.

  • First, it is beneficial for your kittys claws. So, occasionally, they need a surface returning to scratch on to pull out the old fingernails and toenails and reveal the news ones.
  • Secondly, cats are territorial. Thus, they tend to scratch surfaces and leave their scents to ward off other cats.
  • Third, scratching posts are highly favourable for your cats muscles, neck, body production generally because this tool allows cats returning to stretch the tendons and muscles.
  • Lastly, cats feel relieved and glad when they scratch posts.
    It is important to know who scratching is necessary for cats.

Things To Look For In A Cat Scratching Post?


Cat scratching article come in different shapes and capacities. The perfect build for you will utilize your space regulations as well because size of your feline friend. Should you have more than a cat, you want a bigger any with more methods for scratching and playing, but if space is tight, are generally smaller models that may be a good fit.


While some cat scratching posts offer just that, a lot of are equipped by means of much more, just as places to sitting room and climb actually attached toys pertaining to entertainment. Consider you are cats personality and also the size of the post to check if you want a fundamental version, a maxed-out model, or something in between.


Since the cat scratching post is actually going to part of your good home, you wish it to match your fashion or, in the very least, you dont want it to square out in the actual garish way. Scratching posts come from a wide variety along with styles, though, and so with a small bit of searching, youre specific find one to suit both you nicely cat.


The trouble offering buying a cheap scratching post happens because dont last prolonged at all.

Cheaper cat scratching post are usually made from very basic means which are lighter and instable value they can be easily knocked over.

High quality scratching trees will last much longer, the particular cat will get more use out of them and over evening they will take you less than the cheap ones.

How To Find The Right Cat Kitten Scratching Post?

The first facet youll want consider is what that scratching post is constructed out of. Theres a dizzying array towards materials available simply what might work for you might not serve your cat. Sisal fabric is a great option because the item’s heavy-duty and shreds under your kittys claws in equally the bark of their tree would. As well as avoid carpet-covered damaging the teeth posts, as youre trying to entice your cat to select the scratching statement and not your floors, so utilization material is advisable.

Select a marring post thats heavy-duty and doesnt vibration or move. The reason cats like sofas and timber are that the businesses stay stable when scratched which enables safely sharpen the claws.

Height and type are important decisions too. Cats will favor vertical uncovering posts because they help imers build them to stretch. Providing a tall and flat scratcher can be tasks of covering your bases.

Finally, a cat scratching post with features can be a smart investment that keeps your kitty amused for several hours. Think multi-level cat tower that market platforms, fluffy or sisal hanging toys, hammocks, ramps, in addition to poles.


Much more than one way to get a cat interested within a scratching post! These things come in a more unique array of designs than you would think. When obtaining one of our top picks, think about what their cat likes. Does she prefer vertical or horizontal damaging the teeth? Does she like chasing things or batting at dangly things? Keep Kitty’s preferences in mind and you are sure to be the post that’s best for her.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over review articles about best cat scratching post by Top Kitty Care, and you found a few models you would like to try out for your furry buddy in home.


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