Top 10 Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews

Top 10 Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews & Buy's Guide

Water is essential for all living creatures, but this is especially true for cats because cats can get easily dehydrated. Having a best cat water fountain in your home for your cat can help prevent dehydration.

As a cat parent, you know how important it is for your fur babies to drink enough water. It keeps them hydrated, prevents urinary infection and kidney disease, and helps them stay as healthy as possible. Cats, however, aren’t always enthusiastic about drinking from a regular dish, which is where pet water fountains come in. Aside from providing your feline with a source of flowing water, a drinking fountain will ideally be easy to access, hygienic, and low-maintenance.

To help you determine which cat water fountain is best for your cat we’ve found ten of the best water fountain. Water fountains that provide a steady flow of clean filtered water all day long to keep your cat hydrated. It employs smart filtration systems, don’t have a lot of fiddly parts, and are a cinch to clean.

Best Ten Product Reviews Of Cat Water Fountain

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1. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat Water Fountain

Top Pick
PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Cat Water Fountain, 70 oz Capacity Automatic Water Dispenser for Pets
Price: $$.00 USD

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If you want to splurge on your kitty, consider this best cat water fountain by the PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda. This elegant square fountain has a 70-ounce capacity and provides your cat with fresh-flowing filtered water. Made of chic glazed, high-density porcelain, this product is non-porous and naturally antimicrobial. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher-safe on the top rack. It’s top level dishwasher safe, though you still have to disassemble most parts to get the hard to reach areas cleaned.

The Drinkwell Pagoda has an activated carbon filter with an added foam layer. This helps ensure tap water tastes and smells good while removing hair and other debris. A low voltage submersible pump keeps things safe and quiet, no audible humming until the the water fountain runs dry. The overall design makes this water source look appealing, too.

Another thing we love about this is that the pool at the top of the fountain gives another place for our cat to drink from. Since that is constantly bubbling with a fresh supply of clean water, cats are much more likely to approach this water fountain and drink. While most water fountains look a bit out of place in kitchens, the Drinkwell Pagoda from PetSafe looks gorgeous.

2. iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain For Cats & Dogs

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Cat Water Fountains with Replacement Filters and Foam
Price: $$.00 USD

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Made from natural ceramic, The IPettie Tritone Ceramic Cat Water Fountain is ideal if you are looking for a non-toxic and will allow your kitty to enjoy drinking clean, healthy, and safe water. The lotus-shaped design of this eco-friendly is very attractive for pets and blends easily with the home decor.

The fountain features a triple free-falling stream design to add oxygen to the water. It also has a dual filtration system, using both chemical and mechanical systems. The foam pump runs ultra-quitely and is low energy consumption, running at just 2watts.

It has a 2.1-liter capacity and will allow your cats to satisfy their thirst for seven days continuously. The pump consumes very minimal energy. The low level of noise it makes while functioning will not scare your cat and will ensure that you sleep soundly at night. Installing and uninstalling the product is a pretty simple task and cleaning it should not be much of a worry for cat-parents.

3. MOSPRO Cat Water Fountain Dispenser

Budget Pick
MOSPRO Cat Water Fountain Dispenser – Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain, Blue
Price: $$.00 USD

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The MOSPRO Flower Cat Water Fountain is a fairly new arrival on the scene of pet water fountains, and it’s received stunning reviews so far about quality and price. The MOSPRO Drinking Fountain is equipped with a carbon filter to provide fresh-tasting, better-smelling water to encourage proper hydration for animals of all sizes. Is it the right choice for your cat?

The first and most noticeable thing about this Flower water fountain when you turn it on is how quiet it is. You get three water flow settings; the standard flower waterfall that’s seen elsewhere, a “gentle fountain” mode and a flower bubble mode that we loved. The white and aqua blue design complemented our sunroom decor. Normally, we’re weary of food and drinkware made from plastic, but we were pleased to find this fountain is BPA-free, non-toxic, food-grade certified, and odorless. This fountain was incredibly easy to set up. There are minimal pieces to identify and the included instructions are very easy to follow.

One of its biggest highlights is that it uses only 2W of power and can run completely dry for up to a week. Perfect for those away from home, and a great choice for your budget.

4. Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz.

By the Cat Mate Store
Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz.
Price: $$.00 USD

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Cat owners with multiple cats do not need to purchase separate water fountains for each pet. They can instead buy one that is meant for sharing like this best cat water fountain with Multi-Height From Cat Mate. This product is a tiered waterfall with a drinking platform at three different heights so your cats can drink to their heart’s content without obstructing each other.

This plastic fountain provides plenty of clean, filtered water to keep your pets happy. It has a long power cord, so it doesn’t need to be right next to an outlet. The Cat Mate Multi-Height can hold 70 fluid ounces which is dishwasher safe.

This fountain uses ramps to minimize splashing as water flows from one tier to the next. An isolated pump system and a low voltage power supply ensures quiet functioning while using a polymer-carbon filter for water purification. With an impressive multi-level design, this fountain has several drinking spots for picky cats. As the water flows through to the top, it’s naturally oxygenated, supplying your kitty with cool water all day.

5. Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain, Cat Drinking Water Fountain

By Catit Brand
Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain, Cat Drinking Water Fountain
Price: $$.00 USD

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The fountain’s easy assembly, whimsical design, and low price have made the Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Cat Water Fountain by a perennial favorite among cat guardians. The water fountain has a generous 100-ounce water capacity and is easy to assemble.

We love the Catit Plastic Fountain for cat, which has a compact, customizable design. It has three flow modes. You can switch between a faucet-like stream, bubbling, and a gentle stream to test what your cat prefers. If you want to adjust the flow to allow more or less streaming water, you change the flower fountain parts’ configuration. Though it’s not noiseless, the Catit Senses Flower Fountain is a quiet unit. The motor produces a faint, almost imperceptible hum.

This pet fountain has a triple-action filter to remove calcium, magnesium, debris, and odors from the water. And since water doesn’t sit at the bottom of a bowl, dirt, dust, and hair do not settle in the water.

6. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Cat Water Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountains

By the Pioneer Pet Store
Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountains
Price: $$.00 USD

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If you’re looking for something subtle and unique, this best cat water fountain by Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain is worth a look. This is a raindrop design that’s pretty compact but can hold a lot of water.

These fountains is a stainless steel basin. It’s available in two sizes: 60 or 96 ounces, which should be enough water for one or two cats. It also has a unique slide design to maximize water bubbling and circulation while keeping noise and spillage at a minimum. Included is also a polymer-carbon filter cartridge, which purifies the water from debris and odors. You just have to disassemble the stainless steel parts and put them in a dishwasher for cleaning.

7. Kastty Cat Water Fountains

By the Kastty Store
Kastty Cat Water Fountains – Water Bowl Drinking Fountain with LED Light
Price: $$.00 USD

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Kastty Cat Water Fountain remarkably operates with a sound of less than 40 decibels, making it one of the quietest cat fountains around. But don’t mistake quiet for meaning it’s low-functioning; the water bowl drinking fountain for cats comes feature-packed. It boasts a large 3L water capacity, which will last your cat around three to four days. You won’t need to worry about it getting dirty either, thanks to its food-graede filter that’s designed to eliminate 99% of impurities.

These water fountain runs on a low power consumption & a super silent water pump. It makes barely any noise. Compared to other pet water fountain, water dispenser is a great choice for a light sleeper. The LED light on one side can attract your lovely pets to drink more while acting as perfect home decor. Built-in switch on the power cord allows you to turn on/off the light at any time. The visible window makes it easier to observe the water level and water quality.

8. Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain with 3 Replacement Filters & Silicone Mat

By the Veken Store
Veken Pet Fountain, 84oz/2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain with 3 Replacement Filters & 1 Silicone Mat
Price: $$.00 USD

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When it comes to hydration, everything is interesting with the Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain! Crafted from sturdy resin, this water fountain features a cheerful daisy-shaped spout that releases a gentle stream of water from each “petal.”

Veken Fountain also comes equipped with a special feature: a bright blue psychedelic no-slip silicone mat to catch any spills or splatter. It has triple filtration with layers of cotton, activated carbon and ion exchange resin keeping the water pure for a longer duration. This fountain’s motor is quiet enough for even the most skittish cats. It’s one of the more adaptable fountains, featuring both running streams of water from the flower petals and a dish of “still” water for cats who prefer more of a drinking bowl.

The Automatic Fountain holds 84 ounces of water and operates silently. The most important thing about the product is that cat parents will no longer have to worry about the quality of their furry companion’s drinking water when they are not home.

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9. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum LED Pet Fountains

By the PetSafe Store
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum LED Pet Fountains – LED Light for Nighttime Visibility
Price: $$.00 USD

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The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum has an enormous 4.8 liter capacity making it the best water fountain for multiple cats. It scores points with its adjustable flow control and the appeal of free-flowing water. Cats who love to drink from a running tap will appreciate the free-falling stream and others will prefer to drink from the lower basin. The fountain features a prefilter to capture large particles and a carbon filter to remove unwanted tastes and odors from the water.

The carbon filters used by the PetSafe water dispensers aren’t really expensive but the bundle deal that is currently available gives you an extra three carbon filters to keep your cats’ water clean for the near future. It’s not the easiest to clean, but the double filter system means that having to clean the entire unit is a rare thing.

It is allowing you to use it for long periods of time without refilling with a good amount of water. It’s a good option for multi-cat households in which multiple animals share a single cat water fountain. It looks quite pretty and it’s definitely one of the most reliable models out there.

10. isYoung Cat Water Fountain

By the isYoung Store
isYoung Cat Water Fountain 1.6L Automatic Pet Water Fountain
Price: $$.00 USD

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While it does have a striking resemblance to the Catit fountain, but IsYoung Automatic Cat Water Fountain is marketed as a gadget that provides 3 different methods of streaming fluids. It comes as a flower waterfall, a gentle fountain, and a combination of both so you can provide your furry little pals the kind of stimulation they need to start drinking.

This product gives your cat access to a 360-degree flowing waterfall to refresh herself and has a capacity of 56 ounces. A waterproof mat is included with the purchase to prevent your cat from splashing water on the floor in her enthusiasm to drink. What’s more, the isYoung comes with quick-release parts allowing for easier disassembly for a more thorough cleaning. It is also constructed of a PP resin that has been embedded with antibacterial properties for added safety.

A Guide To Buying The Best Cat Water Fountain

Reading up product reviews is one way of researching particular products. But what are the factors that should be used to evaluate a cat water fountain? Because this is about water, it is also important to understand how to keep the fountain clean so that the water remains fit for drinking.

Do Cats Like Water Fountains?

Drinking a sufficient quantity of water is crucial for a cat’s health and cat fountains can very well ensure that your cat drinks more water. People don’t look at water as nutrition, but none of the nutrients pets are fed will get to where they are needed in the body without the help of water.

Water is responsible for transporting oxygen via the bloodstream and into the cells, it keeps the lungs moisturized, it regulates body temperature and helps eliminate the waste products through the kidney and digestive tract. Sufficient intake of water will help the cat to keep her coat elastic and shiny.

A low-thirst drive is possible because cats have evolved from a desert environment but unattractive sources of water (stagnant water dish) are equally responsible for less water consumption. If fed wet food, a cat’s water intake may diminish but an attractive source is still recommended for cats to consume water in sufficient quantity.

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Why You’ll Want A Cat Water Fountain?

This low thirst drive in cats can be frustrating for pet-parents who are struggling to keep their cat hydrated. Not getting enough water can result in various health issues for your cat. The most dangerous is dehydration. But your kitty could also develop urinary tract crystals or constipation. Among other complications.

So, why doesn’t your cat drink from its water bowl?

When looking at it from a cat’s point of view, water bowls aren’t that appealing. Instead of seeing a source of fresh, cool water, many see a bowl of bacteria, even if it came straight from a bottle.

In nature, cats see standing water as something that could make them very sick. This is why in the wild most cats drink from streams.

A cat water fountain, with its flow of circulating water, is the perfect solution. It simulates moving water and oxygenates it. This refreshes the taste and encourages your kitty to drink from it. A pet water fountain also keeps water cleaner longer.

What Do You Look-for In A Drinking Fountain For Cats?

Ease of use

Some water dispensers are easier to set up, fill, and clean than others. Consider if the dispenser uses filters, the frequency they need to be replaced, and the steps needed to keep it clean. While some may be dishwasher-safe, others require hand-washing.


If you’re going to place your dispenser somewhere you can hear it, sound may be a major factor. Some people like the sound of trickling water, but others with sensitive ears may prefer a quiet model. Beyond the sound of the water, pay attention to the sound of the fountain’s motor, some can be noisy.


The number of cats you have and their size are factors to consider when selecting a cat water fountain. Some are adjustable, have multiple levels to suit cats of varying sizes, or hold a higher water capacity for multiple cats.

Maintenance Costs

All of our water fountains cost between $19 and $80, but their maintenance costs varied widely based on the prices of their respective filters.

Most carbon filters need to be replaced once a month, adding up to typical annual costs between $9.33 and $40.

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Getting Your Cat To Drink More Water

Remember water that sits in a bowl becomes stagnant and filled with food debris and harmful germs. If you are going to insist on using bowls, ensure that you maintain high standards of cleanliness. It is important that you refill the water in the bowls each time you feed the cat.

Secondly for those using water bowls, make sure that the bowl does not keep on slipping and sliding as your cat drinks. This can be remedied by placing a non-skidding mat under the bowl or dish.

Cat owners are also advised against using plastic bowls. Chemicals and detergents used in the plastic itself can find their way into the water. This will give the water an unpleasant smell and cause health risks the cat will not drink the water. In order to avoid this situation use bowls made from ceramic, stainless steel or glass.

Last but not least always ensure that the water bowl is big enough to enable your cat to put its head in without having its whiskers brush the sides of the bowl.

Cat water fountain are a great opportunity for you to provide your cat with fresh running water at very little cost.

Cats, like us human beings instinctively associate running water with safety and cleanliness. Drinking fountains are equipped with charcoal and foam filters that rid the water of smells and tastes that are unpleasant as well as scoop up any hair or fur that falls in.


Like people, cats need lots of water. Cats get most of their daily water intake from their diet. At home, cats need encouragement and helpful tools. The best cat water fountain are a fantastic solution to this issue as they continuously circulate water and keep it oxygenated.


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