Top 10 Best Cat Claw Clipper Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a cat owner, clipping your feline’s claws is a vital task that ensures their comfort and keeps your furniture intact. While it may not be the most enjoyable chore, investing in a top-quality cat claw clipper can make the process much easier. There are many different types of nail trimmers for cats available, so choosing the right one can make all the difference.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best cat claw clippers on the market today. Our reviews take into account factors such as strength, sharpness, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. With our expert guidance, you can find the perfect cat nail clipper to suit your pet’s needs.

From traditional scissor-style clippers to more advanced guillotine-style models, our buyer’s guide covers all the main types of cat claw clippers available. With our detailed reviews and in-depth analysis, you’ll be able to choose the best cat nail cutter for your feline friend with confidence. So, read on to discover our top picks and take the first step towards a smoother, stress-free nail-clipping experience.

The Best Cat Claw Clippers: Top 10 Reviews

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1. Best Professional Cat Claw Clipper

Epica #1 Best Professional Cat Claw Clipper

If youre looking for a professional quality clipper for your cats, then this best cat claw clipper by the Epica is the way to go. The design gifts perfectly spaced blades to ensure smooth clipping.

Since these clippers are a plier-type, they come sufficient for locking blades and a safety guard. The safety is just set to cut of an inch of claw, so keep that in mind when trimming. Theres also a safety lock to keep the blades tucked from increasing when not in use.

While saying pets actually enjoy adding their claws cut with these clippers would be a little over the main top, I’ve found the process marches a lot smoother when using each of our Epica Clippers. The overall design among this product makes it easy to be see where you are cutting so that you wont have to worry in regard to cutting off more nail than clients planned.

2. Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer for Pets

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Cat Claw Clippper, Nail Trimmer for Cats

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Cat Claw Clipper does offer a larger size of this clipper, but the tradeoff is that the blades will be bigger. This may make it difficult to cut small cat claw with precision. This claw clipper has strong, ergonomically-designed handles almost everything you would want in a pair of nail trimmer for cats.

Safari trimmer uses stainless steel blades that are just as sharp as your cat’s claws of death, before you trim them, that is. This means a clean cut through the nail without any crushing or splintering. They are held together with a screw and a washer, making them easy to tighten should they ever come loose.

These claw clippers have rubber-coated handles to provide a sturdy grip. Though the design is generally comfortable, people with large hands may find the product to be a bit too small and thus awkward in the hand.

3. JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers

Pet Company GripSoft Cat Claw Clipper

As the best cat nail clippers for the money, we recommend this The JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Claw Clipper. These clippers have an ergonomically designed handle covered in a comfort grip soft rubber, designed to help aid control and comfort while you’re clipping your cat’s claws. The stainless-steel blade features a curved half-moon section to help you cut in the right place.

However, these clippers are rather small, and people with big hands may find them difficult or awkward to use. Being scissor-style clippers, these nail trimmers do not have any safety features. However, this doesn’t mean that cutting your cat’s nails has to be a risky ordeal.

4. SHINY Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

SHINY Cat Claw Clipper And Nail Trimmers for Small Animals

The Shiny Pet Nail Clipper is super sharp and will cut through your cat’s nail easily without any splintering. The stainless steel blades are at a 20-degree angle which makes it easier to see where you’re cutting. The anti-slip grip handles give you precision, comfort, and confidence.

These scissor-style clippers were made with small animals in mind. These were also made to work for both left-handed and right-handed people. This cat claw clipper don’t have any particular safety features because they are scissors.

The packaging of these clippers has a QR code that you can scan for helpful instructions on how to use the product to clip your cat’s claw. Not only that, but Shiny Pet is so confident in these claw clippers that they offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

5. Pet Republique Cat Claw Clipper

Pet Republique Cat Claw Clipper

The pliers mechanism is a perfect choice, however, with cat claw clipper by Pet Republique Scissors is a is another good alternative. They’re not quite as sharp as the pliers featured in this post, but they do cut very well. The blades on these scissors are sharp enough to make quick work of your cat’s nails, without any splintering.

These scissors have rubber around the inside of the handles for a non-slip grip. The overall design is intended to be ergonomic and is comfortable to use. There’s no give at all in the hinge so we’d expect these to last a very long time.

Pet Republique is so confident in the sharpness of their blades that they offer a four-year warranty. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re right-handed or left-handed as these clippers can be used by both.

6. CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Claw Clipper with Pet Safety Guard Lock

These CleanHouse Cat Claw Clipper comes with a lifetime warranty, but the stainless steel blades add a lot of durability to your purchase! The clippers are safe to use on cats of all sizes and include a safety switch to help protect your fingers and your cat’s claws.

The handles are made from a “non-slip” material. Unless you have particularly greasy hands, you should have no issues. We found the grip to be comfortable and secure throughout trimming.

They take a very small amount of pressure to cut a cats nail, and while it’s a purely superficial thing, they look a little more friendly than the other options on our list.

7. H&H Pets Nail Clipper Series

H&H Pets Cat Claw Clipper Series

One of list are these sharp and professional grade best cat claw clipper from H&H Pets brand. They’re cheap, simple to use, and come with a basic design.

The non-slip coating on the H&H Pets nail clippers provides a secure grip and feels comfortable in the hand. Due to its ambidextrous design, this product will work for you whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. Like many claw scissors, people with big hands may find this product to be too small for them.

Though these clippers don’t have any features like a safety guard or locking blades, their design makes them easy to maneuver around your cat’s paws. You’re able to see exactly how much nail you’re taking off, making the process much safer. So, they may not be best for a multi-cat household where they would need a lot of use, or for animals with thicker stronger nail.

8. BOSHEL Cat Claw Trimmers for Small Dogs and Cats

BOSHEL Cat Claw Clipper for Small Dogs and Cats

The Boshel Cat Claw Clipper is about the same as some of the other clipping tools shown already, which is a good thing. The edges are sharp and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box. It’s grip goes all the way to the inside, or the area that touches your fingers. There’s no smoothness in this area, making this a good set of clippers for people with sweaty hands.

It is the most unique, a little bit ‘high-tech’ design of clippers, but that is not all. A scissor-like, ergonomic design will give you full control over the depth and right angle of the cut.

The best way to tightening these cat nail clippers is to gently tap this portion on a hard, flat surface. Outside of that one issue, these could be the good nail trimmer for cats you’ve ever used before.

9. Millers Forge Steel Pet Nail Clipper 743C

Millers Forge Steel Pet Cat Claw Clipper 743C with Safety Stop Bar

While this Millers Forge Steel Cat Claw Clipper 743C with Safety Stop Bar has its fussy moments; it offers a quick, smooth, and silent trim.

This pliers-style clipper features heat-treated steel blades. Customers describe the blades as exceptionally sharp and durable. The spring-loaded clipper allows you to move smoothly from claw to claw. It brings ease and simplicity to the whole process of clipping feline claws. Another addition is the built-in safety stop that will help you not go too far and cut the quick.

10. Hertzko Cat Claw Clipper with Quick Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting

Hertzko Cat Claw Clipper with Quick Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting

Final, if youre looking for a pair of well-made trimmers you can use on your cats, Hertzko is the way to go. These pliers-style nail plate trimmers feature a high-grade stainless-steel blade with semi-circular indentions to help keep you from overcutting your cats claw.

In introduction to basically made from high-quality materials, this cat claw cliper are developed especially for safety and comfort. The anti-slip rubberized get a handle on offers a comfy grip and the safety lock keeps the blade safe and minimizes the risk for accidents.

Plus, it all set along with nail clippers comes with using a nail file to help you smooth these cut of the nail subsequently after trimming keep clear of snags on top of carpet as well as furniture.

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Buyer’s Guide

Buying for a best cat claw clipper can be a challenge because there are so many different options out there. From guillotine-style clippers to electric nail grinders, all nail clippers are not created equal.

Before you start shopping for a set of claw clippers, you take the time to learn more about the different types and think about which might be the best option for your cat.

Why Should You Trim Your Cat’s Nails?

Clipping your cat’s nails regularly helps prevent their claw from growing too long, which can lead to painful ingrown nails, not to mention the risk of painful scratches for us humans.

Trimming your cat’s nails can also help remove the outer layers of the old nail that has sloughed away. If you have a kitten, getting them used to have their paws handled and their nails gently trimmed from a young age is a great way to make sure they don’t have any issues with this procedure as they grow up.

It’s also easy to train an older cat to accept having their claw trimmed, as long as you’re patient, offer them plenty of treats, and start only trimming one or two claws at a time.

The Types of Cat Claw Clippers

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of cat claw clippers

Scissors Style Claw Clipper

This style of cat claw clipper involves a small pair of scissors with rounded tips; similar to baby fingernail scissors. But unlike a standard pair of scissors, nail scissors for cats feature notches that hold your cat’s claw in place while you snip.

Scissor-style clippers are a great choice for beginners and experienced clippers alike, they tend to be fairly small. If your hands are on the larger side, resign yourself to a few minutes of cramped hands or think about choosing a pliers-style nail clipper instead.

Pliers Style Claw Clipper

Perhaps the most highly acclaimed variety of cat claw clippers, this style is popular among both beginners and professionals. As the name suggests, they’re shaped like a pair of pliers, with long, comfortable handles that fit in any hand size.

This design gives you good leverage and strength, allowing you to make quick, effective snips. Many pliers style nail clippers also come with safety features like a quick-stop guide.

Guillotine Style Nail Clipper

This style features a loop through which your cat’s claw passes. When you squeeze the handles, a blade moves through the loop and chops off the tip of your cat’s nail.

For the most experienced groomers, guillotine-style clippers have some precision appeal. They make it easy to choose exactly how much of your cat’s nail you want to cut, and at which angle you want to slice. But it’s not all sunny.

Electric Grinders

Cats are sensitive creatures and, they won’t be happy about a noisy electrical appliance whirring around their nails. These speedy grinders are a good choice for dogs, but a frightening proposition for the average cat.

A cat’s claw are also much smaller than a dog’s, so it may be difficult to control the depth of the cut with an electric grinder versus a set of handheld nail clippers.

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Consider The Important Features To Buy A Best Cat Claw Clipper

Though the styles of these nail care devices are a bit different, there are some features you’ll want to look for while shopping.


It’s important to have a comfortable, firm hold on your tool to prevent accidents. When tools feel awkward in your hands, it can be harder to get the job done, so it’s important to find something that feels good and fits well in your hand.


Sharp blades are important to avoid splintering the nails which can weaken them and lead to hangnails. A sharp blade will also reduce the amount of force you need to use to cut through the claw, making the process quick and easy.

A loose blade may cause the nail to turn as it cuts instead of cutting cleanly through. This can make the experience even more unpleasant for your cat.

Safety Features

Some products come with safety features like guards and locking blades to help prevent accidents. Though you will still need to practice caution, safety features can take away some of the stress of a claw trim.

Tips for Clipping Your Cat’s Claws

  • While trimming your own nail is a pretty simple process, it’s a little different when you’re helping your cats or dogs. You just need a few tips to ensure you do it right.
  • Make sure the room offers great lighting. You need to be able to see quite well to ensure your cat is comfortable and you’re clipping in the right area.
  • Offer your cat treats and praise during and after the clipping. You need to make things fun, or your feline will be afraid of the process the next time.
  • Always keep the clipper blades around parallel to the cat’s claw while cutting.
  • Cutting your cat’s claws every 3-5 weeks is preferable
  • Never squeeze your cat’s toes. This will hurt them a lot, and they won’t wan to get their nails trimmed, again.
  • Just grab on of the best pairs of claw clippers for your pet above. After the first couple times, you’ll find clipping a cat’s nails isn’t all that difficult.


With so many cat claw clippers available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your feline companion. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and reviewed ten of the best options on the market. Each product has its own unique features that make it a top recommendation for cat owners.

We understand the importance of finding a reliable and effective cat nail clipper, and we hope our reviews have helped you narrow down your options. With the right cat claw clipper, you can quickly and easily trim your cat’s nails, leaving them feeling comfortable and happy. And with your furniture protected from scratches, you can enjoy a stress-free, harmonious home with your furry friend.

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