Top 5 Best Heated Cat House of 2023: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best heated cat house to keep your feline friend warm and cozy in any weather, you have come to the right place. Indoor or outdoor, electric or self-heated, there are a variety of options available to suit your cat’s needs.

Cats are known for seeking out warmth, whether it’s basking in the sun or snuggling up in a cozy spot. A heated cat house can provide a comfortable retreat for your cat, especially during colder months or for older cats with joint issues.

To help you find the perfect heated cat house, we have compiled a list of the top 5 models on the market in 2023. Our buying guide includes all the essential information you need to make an informed decision and choose the best heated cat house for your furry friend. Whether you’re looking for an indoor model or a durable outdoor option, our recommendations are sure to meet your needs.

5 Product Of Best Heated Cat House

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1. PETYELLA Heated Cat House for Outdoor Cats in Winter

Best Heated cat House by PETYELLA for Outdoor Cats in Winter

If you’re looking for a heated cat house that combines style and functionality, the Petyella brand offers an excellent option. Their heated cat house features bright colors and fun patterns, creating a cozy aesthetic that will make your cat feel right at home. The house is designed to resemble a charming dollhouse and will add a touch of beauty to any yard or outdoor space.

In addition to its attractive design, the Petyella heated cat house is water-resistant and suitable for both cats and small dogs weighing under 25 lbs. It comes equipped with a heated pet mat, complete with a 3-ft chew-proof cord and a 13-ft extension cord. For energy-conscious pet owners, the house also includes a plug-in timer to help save electricity while keeping your pet warm and comfortable. The house features front and back doors with flaps, a safety buckle, and a cozy padded bottom that the seller claims is waterproof. With all these features, the Petyella brand offers the best heated cat house for both practicality and style.

2. Best Heated Cat House By K&H PET PRODUCTS For Outdoor Kitty Extra-Wide

Best Heated Cat House By K&H PET PRODUCTS

If you’re searching for a reliable heated cat house, the K&H PET PRODUCTS brand offers a great option. This heated cat house comes with a power cord and uses 40 watts of electricity to gently warm a 19″ x 24″ warming cushion included with the product. While there is no temperature control, the warmth is noticeable when a cat is lying on the bed, although the bed itself is not warm to the touch.

This cat house is only available in a lovely chocolate color and is reported to be quite sturdy, making it unlikely to be blown away by the wind. Customers have reported that it can accommodate up to two adult cats comfortably, but any more may be a struggle. Assembling the house is super easy, with no tools required, making it a cost-effective option.

K&H PET PRODUCTS claims that their heated cat house is waterproof and weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor use. However, some customers have reported that heavy rain can be problematic, and the house should be covered with a tarp or placed under a porch or eave. Despite this, the K&H heated cat house remains a popular choice among cat owners who want to provide a cozy and warm space for their feline friends.

3. K&H Pet Products Mod Thermo-Kitty Heated House for Outdoor Cat

Best Heated Cat House By K&H Pet Products Mod Thermo-Kitty

The Mod Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat House is a well-designed cat house that stands out from others on the market, particularly for use in cold weather. The entire tube is insulated, making it excellent at retaining heat during cold weather. Additionally, it comes with enough bulk straw to create up to two layers of fresh bedding, and the handles can be left open for full ventilation or closed to trap warm air inside the Tube. While most customers describe it as a waterproof and weatherproof cat house, some say that water can collect on the lid and seep into the house.

According to the inventor of the K&H Pet Products, the design feature of having only one small entrance hole is intentional, as it prevents true predators of a cat (such as dogs and coyotes) from getting their head inside. This makes the cat safe inside the kitty tube in an attack, as the predator cannot get inside like it could with an Igloo or similar product. Additionally, the single door dramatically keeps the heat inside the Kitty Tube. Every K&H Pet Products cat house is made in the United States and guaranteed to never chip, crack, or fade.

Overall, the Mod Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat House is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a cat house that will keep their furry friend warm and safe. The thoughtful design features, such as the insulation and one small entrance hole, make it a standout product for use in cold weather. Additionally, its handles and fresh bedding options provide flexibility and comfort for both pets and owners.

4. Heated House Birchwood Manor Outdoor Cat

Heated Cat House Birchwood Manor Outdoor

A birchwood cat house with two exits, designed for outdoor use, is available in both heated and unheated versions. The heated cat house version uses a low-wattage heater and comes with a heated pad to keep your cat warm and cozy on chilly nights. The unheated version is also comfortable with its plush cushion flooring, which provides a degree of insulation.

This affordable outdoor cat house is made of sturdy wood and is spacious enough to accommodate medium-sized cats. Although it is not an insulated cat house and sits flat on the ground, it is a practical choice for pet owners looking for an affordable outdoor shelter for their cats. Customers have reported that the house needs to be covered in bad weather as rain and snow can damage it over time. However, assembly is easy and can be done without any additional tools.

The dual exits make it easy for cats to escape if they sense danger from predators. Although the house is not specifically designed to be waterproof, it can be made more weather-resistant by using a tarp or placing it under a porch or eave. Overall, this is a good option for pet owners on a budget who want to provide their cats with a comfortable outdoor shelter.

5. Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter

Outdoor Heated Cat House Shelter

The K&H PET brand’s Outdoor Heated Cat House Shelter comes equipped with a 20-watt heated bed that ensures your furry friend stays cozy and warm as they rest. The heated bed is safety tested and controlled by a preset thermostat, so you can be certain it won’t overheat.

Constructed from water-resistant polyester, the exterior of this cat house is designed to withstand the elements, with solid and insulated walls and roof. For optimal protection, it is advisable to position the cat house in a sheltered area, which ensures that your cat stays comfortable and safe for years to come.

The cat house is designed with two doors, a crucial safety feature, allowing your cat to quickly escape in case of danger. You can remove the door flaps if your cat is not used to them or you prefer to have the doorways open. The insulated walls and roof of this cat house provide excellent protection against cold and wind, making it a suitable outdoor shelter for your feline friend. Another benefit of this product is that it is easy to assemble and requires no tools.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are so many different heated cat houses and indoor cat condos available, and sometimes it’s hard to know what your cat need. The best way to narrow it down is to ask yourself a few nessarary informations about what you want for your cats’ heated home.

Why does your cat need a heated house?

Now, you may wonder, if your cat really needs a heated house. The answer is absolutely affirmative in case you have a free-roaming house cat, meaning she spends a lot of time outdoors, as well indoors. Again, if you want to give shelter to other kitties in the vicinity, then a warm house would be greatly appreciated, trust us. If your cat spends time indoors only, then you might consider getting a warming house for her, in case your house or apartment lacks adequate heating.

But what temperature is too cold for a pet? According to the veterinarians from the University of Texas, the answer depends on many factors, such as your cat’s fur thickness, its length, and your pet’s body mass. The scientists also recommend that an indoor pet not acclimated to cold weather always stays indoors when the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Especially, that concerns little kittens, old or sick cats. And even if a cat has got used to cold temperatures, the warm shelters should always be provided.

Features of a heated house for cat


If you opt for an electrically heated cat house, the power cord is a crucial feature to consider. Look for a model with a cord that’s long enough to give you some options for where to place it. Some cat houses come with an extension cord, which makes it easier to position the house exactly where you want it even if an outlet isn’t nearby.


Some more expensive electric cat houses are equipped with a thermostat, which lets you choose a specific temperature setting for the house. It allow you to make sure that your cat is as comfortable, it also give you peace of mind about the safety of the house because you won’t be operating it at a higher temperature than necessary.


Many electric heated cat houses have a timer that allows you to set a specific time for the heating element to turn off. This is an important safety feature when you’re away from home. You don’t have to worry about the cat house becoming a fire hazard Padding

You want your cat to be as comfy as possible, opt for a house that includes some type of padding. Some houses come with a cushion or pad that can be placed on the floor of the house for your cat to lie on. If you opt for an electric house, this pad is in addition to the heating pad and is meant to provide a softer surface for your cat. You can also add your own blankets to help make your cat comfortable if you like.

Weather resistance

The heating component must be safe for use in the elements, and the structure itself should be weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain or snow damaging it. To help your cat house last as long as possible, it’s a good idea to place it under some type of covering. For example, you might place it in your garage, in a shed, or under a carport.

An affordable price of heated house

An heated cat house vary in price based on type, materials, and size. Most models range from $15 to $155.

Inexpensive: The most affordable heated houses for cat are self-heated models. These can only fit one cat and don’t generate enough heat to keep your cat warm outdoors in lower temperatures. You’ll typically pay between $15 and $50 for these models.

Mid-range: Most of these heated cat houses are electric models, but they’re not designed for outdoor use and generally only fit one or two cats. You can expect to pay $50 to $75 for these cat houses.

Expensive: The most expensive heated houses are electric models that are suited for indoor or outdoor use. They’re weather resistant and can keep outdoor cats warm in winter weather. Most models fit one to two cats, but some can accommodate up to four. You’ll pay between $65 and $155 for these houses.


Offering your cats a warm and safe haven during winter is effortless with these luxurious cat houses. A heated cat house is a secure way to provide your pet with comfort and protection. It can serve as a base for your cat, where they can relax and feel at ease. In this guide by Top Kitty Care, we recommend the top five best heated cat houses that are worth exploring. Each product has been carefully selected to ensure that your feline friends receive the best available models. Say goodbye to cold kitties and give them the gift of warmth and security.

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