Why Are Weird Things That Cats Like To Eat?

Understanding some curiosity with weird cat food, can conquer lust of the cat. So why do cats like to eat some weird things?

The desire of some cats is not easy to explain: butter, cat grass, rat. But like plastic bags, indoor plants, wool, paper, latex? Why do cats eat these things?

Cats love to eat some weird things

Cats love to eat some weird things

Eating non-food, called pica, is a very common phenomenon in the cat world. There are a few kittens that will eat wool, this habit appears incessantly when the kitten breaks the breast milk too early, the cat’s age to stop the breast milk as small as possible to suck wool, or suction the arms, earlobes or hair of the owner. And some cats can only eat wool, like wool, dolls or bite fibers. There are also some cats who will enjoy weird things such as socks, paper, plastic bags and products such as towels, curtain rods, even electric wires.

Why lead to this abnormal desire?

Pica of cats can have many different factors including:

Inadequate diet

If they are anemic, there are a few kittens that will eat their cat sand, there are two types of cat-related anemia. Although they are very normal, usually eat some grass, but also eat a lot of plants, but this diet can predict something lacking.

Medical issues

Pica cat is also associated with leukemia and immunodeficiency, it can also lead to diseases like diabetes or brain tumors.

Genetic predisposition

For some cats, there are pica in their genes. Sri Lanka Veterinary Institute has certified wool sucking animal studies, such as sheep wool sucking. Forerunner of pica common in Siamese cats and Berman.

Environmental factors

Kittens are bored or looking for attention, kittens need more stimulation, but some cats need more environmental stimulation than cats.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

When other possibilities are excluded, it is probably due to obsessive compulsive disorder, which may be a genetic basis. While the most common is that young cats are more likely to pica, it may also appear on older cats. When this happens, it is the cause of the underlying disease. Or change the ambient pressure, contributing to this behavior?

When desire becomes a problem?

Experts say that if a cat only eats sheep’s wool or other soft feathered items, this is not usually a problem, although eating a little paper or occasionally chewing plastic bags, further contains gelatin, cats have can feel. This may be just a minor harmless, but difficult to explain. If it is normal, take it to a doctor.

Not all kittens eat wool or chew rubber, but there are some. Once they start eating non-food things, this has become a problem. When digested, these will lead to intestinal obstruction, even fatal.

So they eat grass like? Although many people believe that cats eat grass, they will vomit. For cats, even indoor plants also eat, this kind of habit is very dangerous, because many plants, such as tulips, tulips, chrysanthemums are poisonous to them, will lead to discomfort gastrointestinal.

You should be how to prevent behavior cats eat some weird things?

You should be how to prevent behavior cats eat some weird things?

Often talking to a vet, first eliminate the serious pathological causes of pica. Then use the veterinarian’s advice to prevent your cat from eating non-food items, suggesting the following actions:

1. Take those things away, the simplest solution is to put away clothes, plants and other things.

2. Bring toys to gnaw to the cat. Turn the kitten’s attention, so that it chews the toy, you can also hide the food or cat food that is used to attract it. But these toys must be safe, suitable to be. Cats love to eat plants, plants in the house changed to grass, or a few small pots ornamental plants. At times these cats will stop eating plants and grass, resulting in diarrhea.

3. Play with your cat. Some cats just feel bored or lonely. Therefore, psychologically or physically stimulate them as much as possible, noting the time when the cat is hungry. You can train kittens wearing braces, take it for a walk, have some cats like it outside, because it can observe other stimuli. Weird things objects can attract attention to things that can not be attracted, objects with strong odors, such as citrus in the air or sauces, or apples, applying on such cords will cause cats away.

4. Eliminate dangerous plants. If your cat is attracted to the plants in your home, take those dangerous pots.

5. Exchanges with animal experts. If your cat continues to eat weird things, he or she knows this is not a medical problem, go to a certified animal specialist (CAAB), in conjunction with a veterinarian. Be patient. Because they need treatment every step 1, each environment are not the same.

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