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Cause why cats bite and how to handle


Why do cats bite? Researching, understanding the behavior, the cat’s biting helps the owner understand his cat’s psychological state, even in case of danger to human life. In the article below, we will help you know why cats bite the owner, how to handle, why cats bite each other.

Cat owners often tell you that pet cat behavior does not mean anything. Most of us accept it as obvious without ever really understanding what the behavior of cats really means. If you are not a person knowledgeable about cats, trying to explain what was going on in his head a cat will make you headache.

Understand why cats bite?

It is hard to believe that the cat has a habit of biting the owner is a form to convey the necessary information. For example: emotional expression, self-defense reaction when at risk of attack, mating reflex or illness, injury or disease announcement.

In addition, many cats have a habit of biting objects in the home. Why do cats bite, it’s not because they like it. As the cat needs to regularly rake nails to keep their claws sharp and healthy. Although it can be quite time consuming to get used to that.

What to do to train the cat bite?

Since cats are small, you should not use your hand to play kittens directly. Kittens bite because they itch teeth. Especially when replacing teeth (3-4 months), cats will love to bite objects. Play with the cat with tools, acting as a “bait bait” to create cat excitement. Make them interested in chasing bait but not for biting bait.

Always use fishing toys when playing with a kitten. Give mouse toys or small toys for them to play separately. As such, when growing up cats will be very little to tear.

The case of cats bite the owner

The case of cats bite the owner

1. Touching the banned area on the cat’s body. Cats do not like touching body parts: hind legs, nails, breasts. As an owner, you should not touch the position above. When suddenly the cat will bite you because it is their self-defense instinct.

2. The cat hates the noise: the barking of dogs, the sound of a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. The sudden sound will make the cat startled, gradually making them irritated, difficult. When dry after cat bath you should let the dryer to a light level, so dry with a towel before drying the hair.

3. When cats come to strange places or meet strangers: Cats at home are yours, but when brought to strange places, cats are easy to change temperament, even biting you to run away. Strangers approached cats very hard, cats hated veterinarians who injected cats with violent movements.

4. The cat was locked in a cage. Regular cats will change the behavior of cats. Uncondensed kittens often suffer from severe nerve suppression.

5. Cats are raising their children, and their protection can be very aggressive. Cats are fighting, are preparing to mate, if you approach the cat will bite you.

6. When you play with the cat, the cat toy with movements too hard, too painful or unexpected, they will bite you. Or when you bait for cats to eat.

Why do cats bite: when they have a health problem?

Please notify the veterinarian immediately if your cat encounters the following:

1. Pain, injury: Bite reaction when touching the injured site.

2. Rabies: Especially dangerous because cats can attack anyone, any time. They do not discriminate strangers or owners. If this sign is suspected, it should be kept firmly managed and invited by a veterinarian. Do not let cats bite people and other animals.

How to handle cats bite belongings in the house

Give the cat a scratching pillar. This is what you should do to help cats satisfy their needs. You can prevent cat scratches by moving away items that can be scratched or covered. Or even two layers of tape or paste sandpaper / emery paper on the floor where pet cats often stand scratch.

If you can not prevent cats from scratching your nails, you can trim the nails of the cat periodically.

The repetition will make kittens forming good habits. So be the patience and loving owners of the civilized animals.

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