Cure For Common Cat Diseases

Sure your cat has and will have one of the common cat diseases below. This article will summarize the experience of treatment and cure thoroughly to help your cat healthier.

Common cat diseases: Eyes hurt

Manifestations: watery eyes, eyes are not open, health is good.

Care: When ascertained just sore eye, not the virus causes (herpes virus), just care by hygiene for cat eyes clean, regularly drops eye salted and cleaned, clean the tears regularly. Isolate with other cats to avoid infection.

Common cat diseases: Have lice

Kittens were lice should only catch by hand, should not be sprayed because the mother cat licking or, if the spray would risk poisoning. Big cats do not buy by hand, then buy sprays. But when sprayed at the right dose and wearing a necklace to avoid licking the drug. Regularly bathe, keep clean and let cats sunbath.

Common cat diseases: Skin fungus


– The disease causes hair loss to create hair circles, broken hair, especially face, ears, irritation itching, or using scratching nails. The disease progresses slowly, causing inflammation of the skin, superinfection, kidney infection, blood infection and death.

– The disease is easily mixed with scabies. MAY LIKE PEOPLE. In people who cause itchy irritation, the skin is thin with fungus, red round, like coins or ring shape. In particular, young children with thin skin are susceptible to this disease from cats. When it is transmitted to humans, it is called ringworm, pytiriasis versicolor.

– The disease spreads in the herd cats, especially cats ruffled, long feathers, cat cages confine sold at the market… Kittens lay in the dark, wet.


– Use of drugs for the topical solution to treat and inhibit the growth of fungi such as Nizoral, ketoconazole, …

– Eliminate hair around the fungus

– May use green tea leaves thick and covered with fungus or povidone iodine antiseptic. Before using to shave off the fungus and limit bathing, if bathing, bathe with green tea, tea leaves or anti-fungal bath combining sun exposure daily.

– If you use alcohol, avoid them to lick because you will have side effects such as vomiting with way wearing a necklace.

– You can combine more oral antibiotics as directed by your doctor.

Cat ear infections, ear lice

Expression: cat scratching ears, revolving, inside the ears black, dirty, has been continuously but not clean and after a day is dirty again. This common cat diseases is likely to spread from cat to cat.

Treatment: buy small drops of medicine for infants Ileffexime small 2 times a day and often pick the ear 1-2 days / times. If dirty or itchy cats too should bring to the clinic for the first time doctors swab for cleaning, next time you can do it yourself picking cat ears.

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