How To Raising A Cat In The House

Raising a cat in the house has long been popular with cat lovers. So when you have a cat in your home what should be noted? What’s the difference between raising a dog or not? If you are wondering about that, do not skip this article.

Like any pet, you need to understand some of the characteristics of the cat you plan to adopt. Suitable for family members, living space … We will together explore the living space of domestic cats in the house.

Raising a cat in the house – Where to Put a Toilet Box?

Normally, in order to easily monitor the toilet time of domestic cats, the cat owner usually places the toilet box in the house. But this makes space difficult to meet the house. The arrangement of furniture or unpleasant odors is inevitable. This directly affects the living environment of the family.

Raising a cat in the house - Where to Put a Toilet Box?

Some other cat owners put in the bathroom. But you will feel uncomfortable cleaning your body in such a space. And this is very annoying. Limited space needed space home with their toilets.

By the simple reason, the smell and the cat’s hair will come into your clothes at any time. It was exhausting to pick up every single cat hair out of them. It makes you angry and scared with the cats in your home.

A basement can be the optimal choice to put the toilet box. However, not every family has this private space. Another option more popular as the shoe closet, laundry room drawers, kitchen cabinets little use to save the cat.

It is best to make the shelves in the cabinets to use. They have a distance of about 1m. Add plastic buckets with lids to use for cats. Then put a rug in the ground next to the closet to store the remains of the cats after the toilet.

Arrange scientific furniture when raising a cat in the house

Domestic cats, however, still retain their natural character. They like running, joking, climbing up furniture in the house. And there are no rules in their game. Protecting your belongings is the responsibility of the owner.

Limit it to play with easy-to-break, shredded furniture such as bookshelves, tables, chairs, glass cups and nails for scratching. Raising a cat is harder than keeping a dog. Can use cat scratching carpets in this case so they do not scratch up the furniture in the house.

In addition, the landlord should always keep the claw marks out of the claw. If it is your serious problem, you should consider hiding your precious furniture, decorations for a while.

With new furniture keep the pieces, avoid using silk, linen and cotton if possible. Or you should also grinding the nail for the cat to avoid the sharp.

Where should food be housed when raising a cat in the house?

Where should food be housed when raising a cat in the house?

If you are raising cats and dogs, you need a cattery place to keep the dogs from reaching you. Make sure there is an ideal place for cats to see clearly.

Where you can help clean the cat after meals in the most convenient way. Without the dogs, small angles are the ideal place for dining.

Trees and flowers can be a danger to domestic cats

The veterinarian recommends that certain types of plants and flowers in the home can be dangerous for domestic cats. Nature loves to gnaw trees, even eat them.

Before deciding to take care of some plants, consult your veterinarian. Or maybe you should grow a cat grass for them. Good for health, and ensure the green space in the house.

When raising a cat in the house, surely everyone wants to give them the best space. So if you understand the issues mentioned above, you will probably design the family with the most scientific space. It is just right for you, and fit your beloved cat.

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