The Danger Signs Need To Emergency Cat Vet

Cat owners need to know the danger signs to meet emergency cat vet. Fast or slow will determine the life of the cat.

Respiratory & cardiovascular

– The pulse is weak or not palpable, the heart is not beating.

– Not breathing or breathing very hard, sudden breathing, abdominal breathing (belly trembling very fast).

– tongue, gums, oral mucosa pale or white.

– Soft faint, staggered to take the cat to emergency immediately.

Injury or intoxication, poisoning

– Fractures, especially open fractures protrude from the skin.

– heavy bleeding, can not hold blood.

– Injury to the eye, the apple of the eye out of the fovea.

– Injuries caused by fighting with cats or other animals not vaccinated against rabies.

– Shot or shot arrows, steel wire trap or metal trap.

– A car accident, fall or any heavy object, trapped.

– There is a large wound in the abdomen. head and face lesions

– Bee burns, snakes, spiders, scorpion bites.

– Broken teeth, bleeding gums.

Burns, cold must bring the cat to emergency

– Fall in hot water over 70’C, burn fire.

– Stuck in thick smoke.

– trapped in ice, wine cellar, ice cream machine …


– Can not go to the toilet.

– Choking can not be swallowed, take the cat to emergency urgently.

– vomiting blood, vomiting continuously uncontrollable.

– Swallowing strange objects: bones, stiff objects, gaiters, needles …

– Bloody diarrhea, bad smell, tanh, pee not active. Black stool, coffee color.

– Rectal swelling or redness, anal bleeding.

Neurological or muscular movement

– Pain, stroke.

– Vibrating your neck, tilt your head or go round. Shaking, seizures.

– Muscle spasm, stiff jaw, do not cry and get food

– Pain, fall, must bring the cat to emergency immediately.

Urinary system and reproductive system

– It is not possible to have a baby after 24 hours and have a reflex of scratch the birthplace.

– No child is born after 30-50 minutes pushing.

– Bleeding gums, pain and lingering behind the back lubrication.

– Jumping into the toilet continuously but not urinating.

– Screaming when you urinate.

– Urinate has blood should take the cat to emergency.

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