Things To Note In Kitten Training

Kittens are gentle, but also naughty animals, requiring proper kitten training. For example, when kitten scratches furniture, indiscriminately litter… how should we train them?

Fix the mistakes in kitten training

Kittens should be trained immediately when they make mistakes. The proper way to train a cat is to start with a small cat. When cats have grown up, it is very difficult to change bad habits, from the beginning easier to stop. But, to be persistent, any kitten can learn simple rules of behavior.

According to many experts, simplest kitten training is using a sound or attention-grabbing device. The best time to train a kitten is after being home a few days. Cat owners can hold a water gun or an audio emitter. Every time a kitten grinds on a household appliance, he splashes water on it, or shakes the sound that surrounds it.

The best time for training is after the cats come home for a few days. When training can hold a gun to shoot water or emit sound instruments. Each time the kitten scratching up things in the house, use a water gun or shaking things shot a sound next to it.

If you have no way of looking at it, before leaving home, limit travel within the home. Do not use physical punishment on the kitten. This way will only make kittens afraid of the owner, gradually lose faith.

Create a good environment is how to train cats less pressure

Do not place kittens’ food or toys on tables or chairs where kittens can find them, thus encouraging them to climb high. Gradually create reflections scratch nails into objects in the house.

Effective kitten training with emery board
Effective kitten training with emery board

To avoid cat claw the sofa, cushions …, prepare a emery board for cats. Emery board for cats can roll in a thick mat or leave the plants alone, which should be considered a kitten’s preference. The cat’s preference is to sit on the high ground observing things around, such as window sills or higher places like the balcony.

When you are away from home, some help can be used to reinforce cat behavior. For example, cloth cover covers items that have been scratched by cats. Letting the cat know is a warning sign. It is also possible to arbitrarily let the instruments emit sound in the chair. When the cat jumps up, he will be startled by the sudden sound.

Effective kitten training is rewarding when the kitten is performing well. If the kitten is using a emery board or sitting on a designated pedestal, you should immediately reapply it. Also can say a few praise.

It is important to make the kitten feel good about the process of building good behavior. If the methods suggested above are not effective. You should consider whether the habitat is suitable for kittens. To be able to adjust.

Kitten training when called will immediately come

Cats are arrogant animals. If it does not like, cats are difficult to listen to you. But cats are a very obedient animal. Once the rules are formed, it will follow itself. So take advantage of this kitten’s personality to teach them.

For example, kitten training is called “immediate delivery”, holding a cat food like to face them and saying “come here”. When the kitten come, let them eat. At the same time lightly stroked, express praise. If the kitten does not go through, let it look at the food, then the order “come here”.

After going through many exercises, just call without food. Kitten will also go to. This time can conduct training one step further. When you say “come here” and wave your hand, if the kitten passes. Give it a rewards for kittens to form conditioned reflexes.

Then gradually waving hand, if the cat also passes, you continue to reward and caress it. Teach a time, cats will form reflective. As soon as the owner waved, the kittens quickly passed by.

The obedient kittens, for all things, are the right owners. But they also have their own personality. Therefore, the best kitten training is not to blame them. Kittens are likely to suffer self-esteem and leave home.

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