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Things To Note When Vaccinations Rabies Vaccine For Cats


Rabies vaccine for cats and how to get vaccinated is the right one? Pay attention to the way vaccination for cats is the first thing to do when the owner needs to raise a pet. Cat cats are becoming increasingly popular in society. Each person reared for different purposes.

However, regardless of whether you feed the cat for what purpose it is first important to health care for them in the best way. Let’s take a look at the common questions asked by the owner about what the vaccination is all about!

The first nose of rabies vaccine for cats started when?

There are currently many vaccines available, such as seven dog vaccines, five dog vaccines, feline leukemia vaccines, dogs and cats vaccines.

The first nose of rabies vaccine for cats started when?

According to the standard of international veterinarians, should start early nasal vaccination for dogs and cats at 8 weeks of age onwards. Particularly rabies vaccine for cats & dogs should be administered as soon as the cats & dogs is 3 months old.

If the first dose of vaccine too early may negatively affect

Many people think that vaccination should be given to cats as soon as possible. Some mating farms also often offer nasal vaccines for sale in order to gain profits. However too early vaccination would not be effective altogether.

The reason for this phenomenon is that antibodies passed from mother to child will hinder the vaccine. Vaccine causes the innate immune destroyed. The animals themselves have not yet created enough immunity to prevent diseases, so they are susceptible to other diseases.

Also vaccination too early also increases the risk of vaccine reactions for pets. Not only did not bring more efficiency can influence them.

Why stop bath for 7 days after vaccination with rabies vaccine for cats?

The composition of the vaccine has been weakened or the virus has died. Vaccine can not cause disease in cats because the virus has reduced the ability to cause disease. However, it can affect the immune system in the body of cats.

Some pets may get sick after vaccination because of a reaction from the body itself. For example, somnolence, eating less, mild fever, etc., should be discontinued and any activity likely to cause the animal to become sick within 1 week after vaccination.

Why should not vaccination rabies vaccine for cats when newly purchased?

After buying a cat, wait 5-7 days to make sure they are not sick. As mentioned above, vaccines prepared from the virus have been weakened. If your cat has already contracted the disease, vaccination will make them sicker.

In addition, the sudden change of habitat will make the cat stress, affecting the resistance.

What are the vaccine reactions that include symptoms?

Vaccination is like putting something in your body. For some pets, the body will experience a dangerous immune response. Especially if it is the first time to receive strange objects.

Most pets have symptoms such as swelling, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath. More serious is popular spots on the person bleeding or blood in the urine. These symptoms can occur 24 hours after the vaccination.

Status of vaccine reactions may intervene. If guests pets react to the vaccine should be quickly reported to the doctor. In addition, after the first shot, the pet owner should leave the animal to the hospital for the first 15 to 30 minutes to monitor the vaccine response.

If you do not notice any of the symptoms listed above, you can take the pets go home and continue to monitor for 24 hours.

Can only one vaccine for cats be enough?

If only one dose will not be enough to stimulate the immune certainty. Normally doctors appointment for vaccination to reiterate to stimulate immunity. The vaccination will have to have all three shots, each vaccination is approximately 3-4 weeks apart.

For rabies vaccine for cats, the first dose at 12 weeks of age and repeated every year 1. If the vaccine is not available, cats will still be at risk. Especially during the first one year.

Once the new cats home, if they have not been fully vaccinated prescribed vaccines should not be given away to play and interact with other pets. This is to reduce the risk of contagious disease.

Some vaccines, such as rabies vaccine for cats, need to be repeated every year to ensure pet immunity. At present, all veterinary clinics provide cats vaccination. 7 disease vaccine for cats price fluctuates depending on the facility. However, it is not advisable to choose where the vaccination price for cats is too low to ensure quality.

Why then vaccinated pets can still be infected?

The first is that pets, vaccines only help to prevent the disease at some level. However, if our pets is sick, the resistance may be reduced.

The second cause is germs. Germs are also living organisms that can evolve into other strains. If our pets are infected with new strains stronger than before or infected with large numbers can cause disease.

The third cause is the vaccine. Due to vaccination earlier than prescribed, errors in vaccine production or improper storage. Expired vaccines or errors in the vaccination process…

Rabies vaccine for cats should be injected when they are pregnant?

Rabies vaccine for cats should be injected when they are pregnant?

Rabies vaccine for cats are not should be injected when pregnant because most vaccines are prepared from virus alive. Can affect kittens in the abdomen. Plan vaccination for cats at least 2-4 weeks before pregnancy.

Vaccines are prepared from dead viruses that can be injected when the cat is pregnant. However, should consult a doctor before the injection.

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