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Effective Way To Kitten Diarrhea Treatment


Diarrhea in cats is most common in kittens. Normally, cat feces are slightly damp, so if cats are healthy, they are not called diarrhea. If the cat several times, thinners stool or blood mucous, stinking accompanied by systemic symptoms other special signs should be monitored. Kitten diarrhea treatment needed timely measures, otherwise it can lead to death.

Causes of kitten diarrhea

There are many reasons for this.

Kittens can eat broken food or eat some dead animals such as cockroaches, ants… When the digestive system is too immature can not receive food. Or dead animals poisoned with chemicals or strange.

New kittens leave the mother, the digestive system is not complete. If the diet contains too much fat, it can not be digested. Eating more protein foods such as liver, heart, red meat … can also cause of kitten diarrhea.

Due to improper feeding, kittens eat food of adult cats that make their small intestines unable to digest.

You should note, buy the right kind of food for kittens. True to their growing age. At the local pet store chain or on the online store like, there are plenty of these products.

Or because the bowl contains food, drinking water used with infected animals and not washed. Or raised in places that are not hygienic, will make cats loose liquid and mucus.

So when new owners began to breed cats, if the cat is not vaccinated or vaccinated but not sufficient then the first 3 nose, cat owners need to limit the area in 10-14 days.

If the cat is still healthy, take your cat or pet for vaccination. Restricted areas of breeding as well as play areas for cats or pets can adapt to the new environment.

Symptoms of kitten diarrhea

Symptoms of kitten diarrhea

Kittens often fall into liquid stools, yellowish and bloody. Has yellowish mucus.

Try to set the bowl and food for kittens to see the kitten eat and drink. Carefully observe kittens to capture these expressions.

Other signs include bloating, fatigue, dehydration, fever, vomiting, loss of appetite.

If the kitten has diarrhea accompanied by blood or abdominal pain should bring them to the right facilities to be inspected veterinary.

How-to kitten diarrhea treatment?

There are also many ways to kitten diarrhea treatment, but not the any way such as achieve the desired results.

How-to kitten diarrhea treatment?
Ways to kitten diarrhea treatment

For kittens with diarrhea, veterinary surgeons have developed treatment regimens to control infection, viral infections, and digestive tract.

Also deworming for kittens to eradicate parasites for kittens. Always available grain food bowl and water for cats to kittens eat constantly.

Track daily stools by scoring for stools every day. Track your stools and assess your daily health status.

Also, additional medication for kittens to strengthen the immune system so cats immune system work better.

After about a week of kitten diarrhea treatment, the kittens will be healthy, happy, eatable. No expression of loose stools.

Farmers must clean and disinfect the cats. Can use clean water to clean the floor, scouring the cage, washing the towel.

After cleaning, wait 2-3 days to allow cats to stay. In addition, the owner should know the route of vaccination for kittens. In particular, worming should be done every 1-2 months.

Hopefully with the sharing of Top Kitty Care will help your kitten will always be healthy.

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