Cause For The Cat Runny Nose?

When the weather changes or there are problems related to the respiratory tract, the cat runny nose is one of the symptoms are common, there are many causes of this condition.

Cause for the cat runny nose

There are many reasons why cats runny nose that you can not control, causing a negative impact on cat’s health. The causes usually originate in the respiratory system, most likely:

  • Cats suffering from rhinitis, pneumonia.
  • Affected by external environment such as air pollution, dirt and dust.
  • Due to toxic gas allergy.
  • There are strange things getting into the nose of nasty cats.
  • Flu makes cats stuffy, sneezing constantly.

Symptoms can be seen when the cat runny nose

Usually, with a healthy cat, when the nose touches your hands or face, you will notice that the nose is moist. You can rely on this phenomenon to check the health of cats.

Symptoms can be seen when the cat runny nose
Symptoms of cat runny nose

Runny nose, sometimes drops, accompanied by symptoms of sneezing. If after the application of some methods that the disease of the pet cat is still not relieved. You should take them to the veterinarian for timely treatment. Avoid making the illness worse.

When the cat runny nose, sneezing attached, they may have been mild rhinitis. If sneezing persists continuously, runny nose. But not to lose appetite, it is very possible that cats are allergic to dust. Due to cold weather or when the shower you do not dry out their feathers, cold will lead to rhinitis. At this time, the cat will find itchy nose and nasal rubbing his leg taken continuously.

If you raise long-haired cats, their noses are smaller and shorter than short-haired cats. When they catch a cold, they will feel more difficult to breathe because the nasal discharge is more likely to cause nasal congestion, nasal dyspnea.

If their nose is accompanied by pus, they are likely to have severe rhinitis; If they keep sneezing constantly, the cat suffers from bronchitis, bronchitis, mucosal inflammation of the nasal cavity or sore throat. Sneezing is accompanied by dry cough, which may be due to pneumonia or pneumonia. Pneumonia is usually caused by weather plus you care for cats are not careful. Or too careful as they sit conditioning when the weather outdoors is hot. Cats go out and back into the air-conditioned room – sudden changes in temperature and body temperature also cause cats to have pneumonia.

In addition, due to microorganisms in the respiratory tract, the resistance of cats is reduced. Breathing irregularly, nosebleeds are a sign of rhinitis. If your cat is older, they may have a tumor in their body. This time, take them to a veterinarian immediately to prevent disease progression.

How to avoid problems in the cat runny nose

Pay attention to clean the nose and clean the nose regularly for cats. When the cat runny nose, gave them medication as directed by the veterinarian. Avoid complications into sinusitis or chronic rhinitis, easy to relapse.

Although common runny nose disease does not exacerbate the health of cats. But cause a lot of nuisance and discomfort to them. Even so long illnesses will complicate the disease into another serious and more dangerous. So when the cat runny nose. Note tracking the abnormal expression of them to get timely treatment and gives the cat a healthy body.

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