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Valuable Experience To Take Care Of Cat Giving Birth


Caring for cat giving birth is a difficult task for cat owners. In the family suddenly suddenly a young mother with kittens how you handle this situation. Sure enough, while waiting for the cat to give birth, you have prepared yourself for the necessary skills. So the skills that you need to know when take care of cat giving birth is what?

Before your cat giving birth, we need to care how?

If your cat disappears in 1-2 days. When returning home, there are many other activities with every day. This expression may last for several days or longer. After 1 month, you notice that the belly of the erectile cat, the bulge is bigger means that your cat is pregnant.

Take care of your cat before giving birth

The same formula for general care for pregnant mothers. It is necessary to add nutrition to your cat. Enhance foods that contain wheat flour. Eat more, increase the amount of rice to cats more milk.

The food is spicy, salty, bitter … Or the hard raw food should be avoided for cat’s mother to eat. During this period, you should not allow cats to take medicine or inject anything. This directly affects the shape and health of the kittens.

The sleeping area of the mother cat must always be kept warm. Make litter for cats to avoid sun exposure. It is possible to use a soft liner that is not too thick for the mother cat. After the birth of the mother cats will not lie on the child or cause overheating.

Cat care after birth

When cats make a nest to give birth, we need to observe and stay with the mother cat. Fixed where cat give birth, not moving. If the kitten is caught in the belly button can not get out, then cut the scissors. So kittens can breastfeed.

Cat care after birth

Cats will take care of kittens, licking them for a while. Breastfeed for both mother and kitten can be licked directly. Breast milk is the only source of nutrition for cats at this time. Kittens must feed as often as possible (more than a month).

If you see the mother cat moving out of the nest, take the chicken bone to it chewing. Or you can split the fish bone for the mother cat. Rice should be milled, cooked porridge to feed mother cats, milk to feed the baby. Mother cat to eat a lot of rice, porridge lactation.

Mother cat and newborn kittens should be heated, possibly with an incandescent lamp. Or buy a plastic bag of rubber, pour warm water and put it in the nest, no cold mother cat will have less milk for kittens. Lack of breast milk means that the rate of malnutrition in kittens will be high.

Keep track of mother cats and kittens at night. Dew is very poisonous, must cover carefully. When the mother cat carries the kitty to another place to watch to see where it goes. Many cases of mother cat carrying kittens fall off or forget to bring them home. Even the owner can take his or her kitten to the place he wants. Mother cats will not respond to the owner, gently take care of them.

Take care of neonatal kittens

When the kitten’s eyes are not open, do not attempt to squint because the kitten may be blind. Eye hygiene is recommended daily for a few days after kittens are born with a tissue (preferably clean cotton) so that when wiping the kitten or sticking cotton to the eye.

Take care of neonatal kittens

Absorbent wipe gently clean around the corner of the eye to remove all dirt. Make regular kitten easy eye opening and not sick.

Taking care of cat giving birth is important. Absolutely no bath for both mother cat and kitten. From the time the cat is pregnant until the kitten is weaned. Do not give milk sugar. Milk sugar will affect the digestion of cats.

Buy more wet cat food, it tastes tuna cat food is the best. If not, you can buy another one. Do not eat spicy food, sour …

On the day of giving kittens helminth to increase resistance, health, long life. When a cat is raising a child, absolutely no animals approach (or leave it visible).

The mother will react very strongly, although normally quite gentle. Cats can bite their children or the enemy, biting the master if they stop.

These are the skills needed to care for cat giving birth, ensuring both mother and child are healthy. If your mother is a bit clumsy, you need to support your mother more to avoid damaging your kitten.


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