Treatment When The Cat Is Bad Breath

Treatment When The Cat Is Bad Breath

Cats suffer from bad breath caused by the smell of cats unpleasant odor by dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth abscess, foreign body in the mouth cavity (bones …), oral cancer, esophagus, gastritis, diabetes mellitus, liver disease, kidney disease.

Symptoms of cat bad breath

Breath odors, widely flowing, red swollen gums. Cats have long-lasting odors due to liver or kidney disease, stomach or diabetes: hair follicle, hair loss. Thirsty, weight loss fast. Pain in the mouth or a foreign body or cats often get front foot hook into the mouth, face. Cancer of the mouth makes cat and dog difficult to swallow, pain. Prolonged diarrhea, dehydration and electrolyte disturbances.

What to do when the cat has bad breath?

Check the oral cavity for any foreign objects or oral problems, ask the veterinarian directly for oral examination or x-rays of the root and jaw. Liver, kidney and liver tests should be used to test for FeLV & FIV.

Treatment of bad breath in cats?

Treatment of bad breath in cats?

Based on the cause for treatment:

  • Removal of infected teeth or cut of tumors (must use anesthesia).
  • Treatment of diseases causing bad breath: diabetes, liver, kidney…

Regular care of cats’ teeth:

  • Adjust your diet as advised by a veterinarian if the cat has liver, kidney, diabetes.
  • Check your doctor if your cat is bad breath.

Food is one of the causes of cat bad breath. For example, cats eat fish, the mouth is smelly than cats eat dry nuts and meat, vegetables!

Dental care for cats is not simply because it is hard. Because the cat’s nerves are highly sensitive, any stimulus can cause the cat to experience stress and to react, to scratch, to bite.

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